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A Rich Definition of Online Volunteering by Randy Tyler January 19, 2008

Posted by Randy Tyler in Management, Recruitment, Videos.
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What is Online Volunteering or Virtual Volunteering? At one level, virtual volunteering (also referred to as, for example, online volunteering, e-volunteering, Internet volunteering, cyber volunteering, inclusive volunteering, volunteering without barriers and borders) is volunteering via the Internet.

At a deeper level, virtual volunteering reflects a much larger and richer social phenomenon, as reflected in MYS’s definition of virtual/online volunteering (which was conceived by MYS’s Online Volunteer Program Developer, Randy Tyler) http://www.mys.ca/aov.

Download (Right Click and Save) Randy’s Rich Definition of Online Volunteering as an mp4 video.

To contact Randy Tyler directly visit Online Volunteering Program Developer and Presenter or RandyTyler@gmail.com

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