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See What Your Facebook Account is Revealing Publicly Using this Tool May 20, 2010

Posted by Randy Tyler in General.
According to a recent New York Times article entitled "Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options", "To manage your privacy on Facebook, you will need to navigate through 50 settings with more than 170 options." Such extensive settings could easily discourage one from attending to this essential task or easily overlook an important setting (assuming one decides to attempt such a tedious task). Thus, you may reasonably wonder: What is my Facebook account revealing to the world? The online tool described below will quickly and easily help you learn what your Facebook account is currently revealing publicly (and as a result, what privacy settings you may have to change).

This Facebook Search Tool makes normal requests to the Facebook Graph API, exactly as recommended and documented on Facebook's developer website (according to the Tool's author).

How to Use (adapted from the author's instructions)

In the Location box (the box on the left), you can enter your Facebook ID (or any Facebook ID). Instead of your Facebook ID, you can also insert your Facebook Alias (your custom Facebook us used in your Facebook URL).

In the Search box, you can enter any keywords, including your name or e-mail address (or other's name or e-mail address). When you point at the "Find" button, you'll get a selection of buttons that you can choose to search for users, posts, events, groups, or pages. Each kind of search can turn up different results.

You Can Access this Tool Now at:

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