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Kaspersky Lab – How to Configure Internet Explorer for (More) Secure Surfing May 22, 2010

Posted by Randy Tyler in General.
After reading this tutorial on Kaspersky's Web Site, I had a couple of observations:

Secondly, I also do not see the merit in disabling browser addons when surfing. When then does Kaspersky envision using such installed browser addons/extensions? I am assuming that such addons are those chosen by the user because of the enhanced functionality (not BHOs or toolbars unknowingly slipped in with a freeware installer) they provide (and have a demonstrated trusted, track record). As mentioned, I do not use IE but I reason the reference to using addons could be extrapolated to any browser, such as Chome or Firefox.

The tutorial (see link below) is headed "How to Configure Internet Explorer for Secure Surfing." I reason the word more should be added, as in more secure surfing.


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