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What Information Does Your Browser Reveal When Your Visit a Web Site? You May Be Surprised; See Tool May 22, 2010

Posted by Randy Tyler in General.
Browser Spy can test for:
Accepted Filetypes, ActiveX, Adobe Reader, Ajax Support, Bandwidth, Browser, Capabilities, Colors, Components, Connections, Cookies, CPU, CSS, CSS Exploit, Cursors, Date and Time, DirectX, Document, .NET Framework, Email Verification, Flash, Fonts via Flash, Fonts via Java, Gears, Gecko, Geolocation, Google Chrome, Google Apps, GZip Support, HTTP Headers, HTTP, Images, IP Address, Java, JavaScript, Languages, Mathematical, MathML Support, MIME Types, Mobile, Network, Objects, Object Browser, Online /Offline, OpenDNS, OpenOffice.org, Opera Browser, Operating System, Google PageRank, HTTP Password, Ping, Plugins, Plugs, Prefetch, Proxy, Personal Security Manager, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Resolution, Screen, Security, Shockwave, Silverlight, Sound Card, SVG, Text Formatting, File Upload, UserAgent, VBScript, WAP Device, WebKit, Web Server, Window and Windows Media Player

Vist the Browser Spy Test Tool at:

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