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Volunteer Canada New Research – What Canadians Want; What Non-Profits Can Do to Recruit, Retain Volunteers December 9, 2010

Posted by Randy Tyler in General.
Yesterday, Volunteer Canada (Bénévoles Canada) released new research that outlines the state of volunteerism in Canada. 

This new research points to:
  • what Canadians want in their volunteer experiences 
  • the issues volunteers have in finding satisfying roles
  • what (non-profit) organizations can do to enhance their volunteer base, achieve their missions and ultimately build stronger communities.
You can learn more about how non-profit organizations can make the volunteer experience more meaningful by downloading the 22 page (PDF) English research summary of "Bridging the Gap – Enriching the Volunteer Experience to Build a Better Future for Our Communities" at the following URL:


Pour en savoir plus sur les mesures que peuvent engager les organismes pour rehausser et enrichir l’expérience du bénévolat, téléchargez le résumé de l’étude intitulée Combler les lacunes  – Enricher L’éxperience bénévole afin de créer un avenir meilleur pour nos collectivités.


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