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Survey: Nearly 60 per cent of staff would volunteer with support from employers January 14, 2011

Posted by Randy Tyler in General.
v, The National Young Volunteers’ Service, commissioned YouGov to conduct a research project to better understand attitudes of employees and employers towards employee volunteering schemes1. This report presents the findings from two surveys, carried out in the first half of November 2010, which compared and contrasted the perspectives of over 500 managers and over 1,000 other employees. Participants were drawn from a representative cross-section of (UK-based) private, public and charity sectors and size of organisation.

Some of the December 2010 report findings:
  • 58 per cent of employees stated that they would be very or fairly likely to volunteer if their employer offered them help to do so
  • 57 per cent of employees would be interested if their company allowed them to volunteer during work hours
  • 19 percent of employees said that nothing can encourage them to volunteer
Download the 38 page PDF December 2010 report findings entitled "Volunteering is the Business: Employers’ and employees’ attitudes to workplace based volunteering" from the following URL:


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